Specialist Apartment Painting Services in Dubai

Painting Services in Dubai

Best and top range of specialist apartment painting services in Dubai to Residential – apartment painting Dubai, all Commercial and all Industrial, we have the expertise and specialist skills required to ensure the assignment completed professionally and on-time painting in anywhere in Dubai. If you are looking for a quality house painters in Dubai with professional, hassle-free service, look no further and call “Smart Home Painting Company”!

You must stop dreaming about it and contact us right now call at 0566009626. With 19 years’ experience providing painting services ,we will get the job done on-time and with the results that guarantee to satisfy you. Let our team of dedicated specialists show how our attention to detail, experience and expertise can help your walls sparkle.

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Our approach is very simple when doing Painting in Dubai, because the walls here are made up of solid bricks and therefore need an expert to paint them. Our services are not only to paint your walls but to make sure that the painting will last for longer with the same finishing.

The process starts with getting a quote from the client and then negotiating on it if required. We are not like other small contractors who commits customer for getting the job done on time by mentioning that they do have teams for every process and then rushing after the labor who do Painting in Dubai for different contractors. What makes us unique is that we don’t make false commitments to get the contract, rather we strive for excellence in our work to impress our customers so much that they automatically get in touch with us for their painting contracts.

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Our team has been trained to work for projects of different scale, and each team has a senior supervisor to look after the quality and cleanses in work. We don’t paint like kids i.e. spitting paint here and there all over the floor, and on your valuable items. We do have professional who understands their responsibilities very well and are highly precautious while painting your house.

Our interior designing expert helps you in selecting the best suited color for your walls keeping your taste, family size, your values & traditions etc. into consideration so that you can have an unmatched experience of Wall Painting in Dubai.

We also help you in getting the best quality paint without any commissions by purchasing from the shop of your choice on the rates you negotiate with the retailer. We do not work just for money and rather we look forward to nurture a long-term relationship with our customers with being in their good books. We want our services and quality of work to speak for us, what we do, and how we do.

If you are looking to get your home or office painted with soothing colors without turning your premises into a mess, and a sophisticated painting at affordable rates within the committed time? Then what you are waiting for? Contact us now to get a free consultancy on how you should paint your home or office and how much it will cost you. Get in touch with us directly at +971 0566009626 to discuss your needs with our expert to get most optimum Wall Painting Services in Dubai.


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We are experts in interior painting. A fresh coat of interior paint remains the easiest and most affordable way to both increase the value of your Dubai home and to give your home an update. Our professional Dubai interior painters are the best in the business. They pay close attention to detail and always leave your home cleaner than they found it.

If you are looking to update the interior of your home and remodeling is not an option, a new coat of interior Paint may be the solution you are looking for!


Our excellent customer service including accurate quote and attentive ear to your wants and needs. Coupled with our high-quality painting service, we are one of the premier painters in Dubai.

We have years of experience in interior painting and would love to help your dreams become reality.


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Years of experience in exterior painting contractors Dubai from best painting company in Dubai. There is a right way of wall painting services and a wrong way to paint the exterior of a home and we often see other professional painters doing the latter. The real trick in exterior painting is to prepare the service. That means removing all degree from the exterior of the home that could potentially prevent the paint from sticking. Our professional exterior painters in Dubai will painting the exterior of your home to perfection by providing the best wall painting service in Dubai. They will prepare the exterior of your home to make sure the paint will look great now and for years to come. Give us a call today and we’ll get started on your free and accurate estimate.


Our excellent interior decoration in Dubai customer service including oil painting accurate quote and attentive ear to your wants and needs. Coupled with our high-quality painting service, we are one of the premier painters in Dubai.

We have years of experience in interior painting and would love to help your dreams become reality.


painting service in dubaiYears of experience providing expert commercial painting services, villa painting. We are the best Painting Contractor in Dubai. Painting the exterior of your commercial building can help draw the attention of potential customers. Often, this will increase revenues for your business. When painting the interior of your commercial building, our professional commercial painters in Dubai can assist you in picking the best color, and they will complete their work to perfection. It has been proven that painting the interior of your commercial building can change the mood of your customers and employees to help increase productivity and revenues also have painting shops in Dubai. Give us a call today and see how affordable our commercial painting services are.


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